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Our Business

Primary businesses

Packaged software

NEOJAPAN develops and sells packaged software for a wide variety of users, including businesses ranging from small to medium-sized enterprises to large companies, as well as schools, hospitals, local governments and public agencies.

This includes development and sales of:

  • online groupware
  • online sales force automation systems
  • online customer relationship management systems
  • online databases
  • intra-blog systems (for in-house use)
  • large-volume data transfer systems

Application Services

NEOJAPAN's application services provide our proprietary packaged software at low cost and on-demand in a reliable cloud environment.

These services include:

  • leases for proprietary NEOJAPAN packaged software
  • customization for proprietary NEOJAPAN packaged software
  • multi-application integration
  • hosting services

System Integration

NEOJAPAN accepts individual contracts to develop Internet and intranet business applications. We offer an all-in-one package of services for systems ranging from consultations to application and system planning, design, development and network infrastructure construction.

Our system integration offerings include:

  • application system construction for business (manufacturing, logistics, finance, services, public administration) and information purposes
  • e-Business system construction
  • e-commerce (EC) website construction
  • infrastructure and middleware construction (communications and network infrastructure)
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) website construction
  • online information distribution